What Tools Do Plumbers Use

    Pipe Bender

In the past, this was a significant concern that would require people to dig into the floorings or break down walls to get to the frozen pipes. Due to the fact that PEX piping retains its original shape, the mouth closes in on the fitting, producing an ideal seal for water to go through. This is going to be a terrific tool to have around if you wish to determine the reason for plumbing issues really quickly. It is simply fortunate that tools like this have the ability to assist, in most circumstances.

Water Pipes

Pipelines are readily available in sizes of, Whether you call them Channellocks, tongue and groove pliers, or water pump pliers, extra plumbing facts by Local Plumber In Witney (local-plumber-in-witney.co.uk)... you're gon na require them. Also referred to as Slip Joint Pliers, Water Pump Pliers are quickly adjustable and are terrific for handling grip jobs in tight spaces, making them a wonderful choice for any plumbing technician's toolbox.

Essential Plumbing Equipment

That's where our best plumbing tool field service software can be found in. Safety equipment Though it's not the world's most harmful profession, eye defense, medium duty gloves, and steel toed boots are must still be part of your plumbing tools set. 1" PVC Tee joint

Toilet Auger

A snake developed specifically for toilets, this auger features a rubber or vinyl sleeve around the cable television, preventing the steel from scratching and harming the interior toilet bowl.

Tube Or Pipe Cutters

There are a selection of handheld tube and plastic pipeline cutters on the market, so novice and veteran plumbing professionals alike can select which models work best for them.

    Sink Wrench

This is a lesser known tool amongst DIYers, but one you'll never regret having. These wrenches work best on round fittings and soft products.

Apprentice Plumber Tools

Youd never ever try to saw through wood with a hacksaw, so why would you utilize the wrong devices for a plumbing task?

Telescopic Tube Cutter

Made for cutting through copper tube, Tube Cutters are absolutely a necessary tool that every plumbing technician requires in their tool kit.

Pipe Cutter

The majority of models will also include an in developed reamer, which will enable you to ream your pipes directly after cutting.

Duct Tape

Also called "plumber's tape," plumbing technicians use this tape to spot or prevent possible leakages at threaded joint connections in piping.

Tape Measure

Measuring tape require no description as to why they work, just choose one up and stop improvising with offcuts!

Plumber’S Tape

Plumbing professional's tape is an essential material that can be used to avoid leaks at threaded pipes connections.

Pipe Wrench

Plumbings use these heavy tools to tighten and loosen nuts and fittings on pipework.


They generally have a rubber cup attached to a wood or metal rod.

Water Pump Pliers

Having a set of these pliers is a great concept, utilize one to support the pipe, the other to loosen/tighten. Most likely the most widely used tool in the plumber's tool kit, these pliers have long deals with and easily adjustable jaws that secure location at journalism of a button.

    Pipe Wrench

That stated, your monkey wrench will be your workhorse and it will take a beating, so its not something you want to cut corners out on. Plumbing technicians utilize these heavy tools to tighten and loosen nuts and fittings on pipework.

Tape Measure

The metal measuring tape rolled inside a small, compact, plastic case is used to determine the measurements of pipes systems and elements.

Basin Wrench

Vital when dealing with faucets, you're likely to discover a lot more applications for this odd looking tool.

    Toilet Auger

They might utilize a toilet auger to clean the toilet quickly.